Special Service we offer...
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But You are already here... So you can read up on what we do different!
Heads-Up! We charge by the Minute and not like others by the full hour !

YES! As you know sadly almost all companies out there charge you for their services (labor)
and they charge by the FULL-HOUR (rounding up), even the job was completed in less then 35 minutes!
- Well, we thought that isn't fair to our clients.
+ So we programmed our billing system to charge by the Labor-Minute!

Example: If a your modification request would take our team 33 minutes to complete,
then you WILL be billed for ONLY 33 Minutes and NO we do not round it up to 60 Minutes.
GO and ASK our competition...
How they charge and you will find out they charge by the labor-hour.
and within just a very short time you be paying them 500x more then you get in return.

It even get's better...
We are running our Software Stabel for +10 years
Most of our competition just coding theirs in 2017 to get into the game
and many until today are still fixing their bugs & erors trying to get what we offer,
As hardly anyone of them has the years of coding experience and background we got.

Most of our competion charges for their labor much more !
We keep our labor rates low as we treat our customers fair
and we even offer a EXTRA option...
IF you have a task what needs to be added to your website or modified and it's for you a real urgent matter...
You then can chose to 'Expedite' your Service-Request !
And it will place your task on top of all other 'Normal Service-Requests',
YES this service cost extra but it will place your task's at the top of our to-do list !

+ Our Software is so built, that technically you got all the tools you need to start
and with our additional offered plugins you can expand things into any direction.
We even can code for you... your custom membership commission matrix !
Regradless if you have 2 or more Tiers and would like weekly or monthly payout to members,
- YOU tell us how you need it to work and we code it for you and set it all up.

99.99% of our competition does not have inhouse programmers !
They just sell the Software they have as is but can not modify complex things for you!
And if you need a different plugin then they offer, you will be out of luck !

+ We do not outsource your work or clients projects! (Out of security reasons)
WE have a team of highly qualified inhouse programmers
who can build what ever it is you desire and modify or tweak it until it fits all your needs.

+ IF we do not have the plugin you need or you need a plugin what nobody offers...
We WILL code it for you custom and if you share your plugin with our other clients
then your plugin developing costs will cost you just a fraction of the custom coded plugin!
Fair Enough ??!
We sure think so !

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