Terms & Prices

T erms
Any Clients Project(s) will only be started after Receiving the full Down Payment (50% Upfront of the entire Project cost) and remaining balance has to be paid in full once project is completed, until the entire project was paid in full the client will have no full access to the Project (website) and/or Software or Data.

Our Free ViP-Support is valid for the 1st 5 hrs or 12 Business days (what ever comes 1st.). If Clients need more ViP-Support, we will then charge for our time-spent (See Price List on the right side).

Any amount of purchased SRCredits can not be refunded or used for payments of hosting, Plugins and/or Templates or any custom Software modifications. SRCredits can ONLY be used for payment of our labor (time spent). Its the Clients responsibility to refill their SRCredits in time, to ensure there will be no work interruption. Once the Clients SRCredits are ZERO US$, we will NOT continue working on the project until the Client has purchased at least US$ 25 worth of SRCredits.
- To be able to qualify for our Bulk ViP-Support Rates.
NOTE: ALL Bulk Credits Packages
Must be paid upfront in full !

- BUG or Error Reporting and Repair is only FREE if the bug/error is in the Software. ALL others repair/error fixes, including any type of modifications or expansion or deleting, up-grade and/or down-grade and/or any other task/request, we charge for the time we spent (labor) at our normal rate to the client.

NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse services to Clients who will talk rude and/or disrespectfully with anyone of our Team, further, we reserve the right to Suspend and/or Terminate any Clients Account when the Client does not follow our rules and None of the SR-Credits (PrePaid) will be refunded !


We reserve the right to modify our Terms at any time, even without any prior notice to YOU (the Client), so please revisit this page from time to time, to ensure you are updated !

<<< END of Terms >>>

We do not sell software and then disappear leaving you alone...

We do not take weeks to look into issues or software bugs that you reported, we resolve your issues ASAP !

We only charge you for the actual time spent on a
task / issue / chat / calls ect.

We NEVER charge you for a full hour of Labor
Even we worked 55 Minutes on your Task !
We charge our Client(s) ONLY for each actual worked Minute and do not round our time up to the next hour !

Our Support TEAM
Is here to Assist You
The Best We Possible Can !

$ Prices
For our LIVE Support and Services are:

Price US$

Per Issue
Skype LIVE Chat
When ever you having a challenge
You can contact us in Skype and we
Will assist you the best and fastest way
We possibly can, trying to help you resolving issues. COST: $0.25 per Min.

Urgent eMAIL Support
You can also contact us via eMAIL.
Will assist you the same way but note, communications via eMAIL are much slower and more costly !
NOTE: SKYPE cost LESS and is faster !
Our Support Rates
Are charged per worked Minute
US$ 1.49 Normal + Urgent Rate (None ViP-Clients)
US$ 0.44 Normal (ViP-Rates)
ViPs pay monthly US$ 7.00 Fee receive the lower rates !
As low as $0.36 per Minute.
US$ 0.88 URGENT (ViP-Rates)
Services will be Expedited and handeled before all Normal Tasks !

Inquire about our NEW Bulk SR-Credits
US$ 0.21 to
US$ 0.36
NORMAL-Bulk - Pre-Pay and receive our Bulk-Rates as low as: Pending on the PrePaid total amount !
US$ 0.36 to
US$ 0.65
URGENT-Bulk - Rates pending on the PrePaid total amount !

Phone or Voice Calls
Call charges Per Minute US$ 0.44 (for ViP-Clients)
NOTE: The higher BenchFee will be calculated in the total price and when the cost of the entire call will US$ 15 or higher, we will drop the additional BenchFee charges !
Non ViP-Clients pay US$ 2.99 per Minute

Plus FULL BenchFee (No Discounts !)

Min. Fee
Special Requests
Legers, Activity Reports and requested Documents we transform from document to PDF-Format (out of Security!) this process cost us extra time and is not for FREE !
Non ViP-Clients pay US$ 19.99 per PDF

Min. Fee
SMS from CPS to WMT
Any SMS send to WMT is not for FREE !
Non ViP-Clients pay US$ 9.99 per SMS

Per Account
MINUS SR-Credit Balance
If Your Account is MINUS for more than 5 BIZ Days, we reserve the right to add a late fee !
As all of our services were already rendered to you and late payment is not acceptable to us, as it is your responsibility to either monitor your SR-Credits or buy enough SR-Credits to avoid any minus balance !
Non ViP-Clients pay US$ 29.99 Late Fee

Prices might change without any notice to you,
Please check this page from time to time for updates !
Document last modified: Feb. 15th 2020